Breaking : Alexis Sanchez is staying 

Our hero, our most valuable player,  our #pashun, our  player that „faaaaaaaaaaaaakiiiiinggg rans a round a bit”, our ALEXIS  is here to stay. Just look at what he liked on Twitter. 

Here to stay Alexis  baby! 


Fanta de lumină 

Fanta de lumină sau riglă plasată pe ecranul televizorului? Ambele sau un  Virtual Assistant Referee care spre disperarea puriștilor ar face fotbalul mai clar și mai curat?

Căutând cu disperare egalarea împotriva hoardele din Mordor, tunarii amplasați tactic  de Arsene Wenger ca într-un joc de FIFA 96, au egalat prin Lacazette, dar golul a fost anulat pe motiv de offside de către parțialul arbitru uns cu toate certificările posibile. 

Aștept cu interes analiza lui Corpodean

Premier League Preview Week 2

Prepare your defibrillators, cancel your gym subscription.  You’ll have all the cardio you’ll ever need just by watching Arsenal being dethroned as „The Invincibles”  by Manchester United after a game, or two. 

Swansea v Manchester United 2 Pointless to even play other teams isn’t it? 

Bournemouth vs Watford X2 No one cares 

Burnley v West Brom X Clash of the thundercunt titans having a shithousery in defending skills 

Leicester vs Brighton 1 After that Arsenal game? meh 

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 1 Couthino still „injured”. Bonus Arnold to make every British pundit to wax lyrical about him and Daily Mail already preparing bombastic headlines about his cars. 

Southampton vs West Ham 1X Does anyone really care? 

Stoke vs Arsenal 1X2 Olivier Giroud to score his 100th goal for Arsenal  against The Legions of Middle Earth. Sanchez still „injured”. This week is  from lack of sex 

Huddersfield vs Newcastle 1 Playing to promote Sky Bet Championship 

Tottenham vs Chelsea X2  Spurs play at Wembley (hahaha) and Chelsea play after Burnley (hohoho). The only outcome I’d like would be this :

Manchester City vs Everton X I’ve seen Perugia vs Crotone and it was more exciting  than the soul crushing experience of seeing  City players trying to act like they enjoy playing. 

Premier League Preview Week 1

Here we fucking go 

Arsenal v Leicester X2
: because it’s Friday and it’s the first game of the season for Arsenal. 

Watford v Liverpool 2 :  Couthino will play the game of his life just to show Barca they need to bid +£1 to transfer him. Also lots of goals each side. 

Everton vs Stoke 1: Everyone hates them fucking ogres 

Crystal Palace vs Huddersfield X No one cares 

Southampton vs Swansea 1 No one cares 

West Brom vs Bournemouth 1 No one cares except that baseball cap twat 

Chelsea vs Burnley 1 Chelsea needs a victory like a young player needs a loan to Vitesse 

Brighton vs Manchester City 2 Banter when a new promoted team is going to score against a billion pound defence 
Newcastle vs Tottenham X2 Spurs are not playing at Wembley so they might have a chance to win it, also they’d like to revenge for being bantered off by Newcastle twice: 1,

Manchester United vs West Ham 1 José will get his dark arts kit and he’ll start crying to the red before the game is even played. 
Now put your wife, your sarnie and your virginity on this accumulator to win fuck all. 

Let us prepare for the treble! 

Arsenal  came back from behind to level 1-1 against Chelsea in the Community Shield thanks to a late header  from Sead „Panzer /T-90”  Kolašinac

Arsenal won the Community Shield after the new ABBA penalty shoot out system thanks to Courtois and Alvaro Morata  missing their shots. 

Here is José Mourinho with the seal of approval  pointing out the number of major trophies won by Arsenal in 2017 – 2018:

Community Shield : Avanpremiera la Premier League 

Arsenal și Chelsea se reîntâlnesc azi după finala FA Cup în Community Shield (O super cupă  amicala în termeni europeni) 

Regula competiției e următoarea : trofeul important și are însemnătate doar atunci când Manchester United  îl câștiga, altminteri e doar o Cupă fără nici o valoare când alte echipe sunt implicate. 

Când José pierde Community Shield e doar un amical. Ne-am înțeles draci roșii? 

În fine  predicție Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea pentru ca nu vreau ca poliția secretă  a sărbătorii unui trofeu sa creadă ca îmi fac vreo speranță. 
PS: Tottenham ar fi dorit sigur să participe în aceasta cupă  amicală  având în vedere ca sunt maeștrii în sărbătoriea de trofee pre sezon 

Piers of all trades 

Ah…. Piers Morgan, the voice of the late to the party pseudo Arsenal fan on Twitter. 

Leaving  aside his current brown nosed politics,  you’ll find out he is the epitome of hypocrisy. 

This so called Arsenal fan doesn’t take it lightly  when you remind him of the Copenhagen episode from his spotless  (1,2 etc) journalistic career. 

He gets triggered like a snowflake and you’ll get the shiny gold medal of being blocked on Twitter  in the next couple of minutes :

 Isn’t life  an alternative truth time line?