DARK FUNERAL – Unchain My Soul

Sunt singurul care nu poate lua melodia asta în serios și se gândește că e un cover Joe Cocker –  Unchain My Heart? There I ruined it for you as well.


KHAOS DEI – L’office du Divin –

KHAOS DEI – L’office du Divin by Osmose Productions 

Someone or something really pissed off the French underground metal scene as they’re producing some angry tracks lately.

My Rating: 7/10

Neighbour Annoying Levels: 5/10

Bonus : The chorus of French men that sound like they’re in a quest to find some wine cellars

MISTUR – Downfall


Mistur feels like they got stuck in Emperor’s „Nightside Eclipse”  and they try to get out of there with all their guns or should I say the old Arcturus arsenal(?) :keyboards, heavy metal solos and various voices. Don’t know if they succeed it the end.

My Rating : 6/10

Neighbour annoying levels 4/10

Available on „In Memoriam”  album 2016